Friday, 16 December 2016

2k16 Year Review

Since its year 8's last year here at Panmure Bridge School, I wanted to make a collage to remember all the fun activities and collaborations we have had. This year we met new people, learnt new things and enjoyed our selves. We would like to thank all the teachers for supporting us at all time, and giving us memories that we would never forget. Here we come 2017!

Graduation 2016

On Wednesday night the year 8's had graduation. It was and exciting night and everybody looked stunning. Before we started we took a group photo together and then we headed into the dinning room for dinner.  After dinner we got our graduation certificates handed to us. Next up was dancing on the dance floor. We did 8 dances which was Cha Cha and Rock and roll. We did 1 more for our families to see. here is a clip of the night.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Labyrinth D.L.O

Yesterday we watched a movie called the Labyrinth. We watched it until it got to the part where Sarah rescues her little brother Toby. Today we got to finish the ending and to rewind and watch some of the scenes to help us fill out our form. My best part of the movie was when Hoggle the goblin was found peeing in the pond. I enjoyed this activity and hope to do it again.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tahuna Torea Reflection

For our trip to Tahuna Torea we got to have a little but of fun but our main learning behind it were that we got to see where the Godwit/Kuaka eat. The sites were so beautiful from the dry land. Walking for a hike was a great learning because we saw different flowers we haven't seen before. Having to play at the playground made us have fun and make new friends.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Collage On Rocket

Yesterday we were creating a collage from our straw rocket from Friday. We had so much fun on Friday by making our straw rockets and trying to fly Mr Dunn's and Miss Fergurson's orange carrot. In our group was Jane,Mere and I we worked together and finished our straw rocket slide also our collage that we each had to do. We would like to say Thank you to Mr Dunn & Miss Ferguson for helping us create our first straw rocket and making us have fun. 

Kuaka Migration - Reading

This morning we started off the day with reading. We got separated into different groups. For this lesson we were leaning about God wits (Kuaka) and their migration.  Our group was called the A team of R.E.A.D. The first task we had to complete was the Question Matrix. Now the one thing we couldn't do was, to research our questions. We could only use the knowledge that we already knew. We call this our Prior Knowledge. A prior knowledge is when you already know something. I think this was a good way of learning what their migration is all about.
Click here for the link!

Monday, 5 December 2016

Rockets D.L.O.

Last week on Friday after tech, we got to stay behind and make some incredible rockets. This year we got to make it more explosive than ever to make the rockets more interesting. Before we started anything, Mr Dunn presented a D.L.O. on rockets. Now this D.L.O., our group had to come up with a prediction. At the end we had to find out if it supported our prediction in the beginning. For this prediction we were making Straw Rockets. We measured it with a measuring tape to see which one would go far and to type it out. We had our top 5 and in the end CJ came 1st, Gozan 2nd & Jorja 3rd.